BeeWorks Launches BW05 Camera Stabilizer

Seattle, WA - BeeWorks announced today that the company’s novel camera stabilizer and control system, the BW05, is shipping and available for sale ( 


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in December, BeeWorks began shipping units to backers in May. The company is now taking orders for this unique system, made in Seattle and designed to be used both as a handheld stabilizer and as a stabilized remote head, controlled with the Kinetic Remote. 


“We designed the BW05 from the ground up for professional filmmakers.” says BeeWorks founder Matt Nuffort. “Small details like HDMI ports to avoid dangling cables make a big difference in ease of use. We also started a revolution in camera control with the invention of the Kinetic Remote.” 


The Kinetic Remote uses position sensors to track your movements, making it possible to frame shots as if you are holding the camera in your hands. “Once you use the Kinetic Remote, you can never go back to traditional joysticks,” says Seattle cinematographer John Harrison. “It is so intuitive.” 


The sleek design of the BW05 is ideal for discreet occasions like weddings or concerts. The stabilizer’s compact size matches the growing set of smaller, lighter 4K cameras, like the Sony Alpha series, but it also was designed with the venerable Canon and Nikon DSLRs in mind. “The appeal of electronic stabilizers is the freedom of movement they afford,” says Nuffort. “It makes sense for them to be as light and compact as possible, leveraging the amazing advancements in camera technology.”  


The BW05 is unique in its ability to mount quickly and easily in a variety of ways. The matching aluminum stand fits in the BW05’s carry-on case and is designed to mount on a stage, table, C stand, or tripod. It also can be mounted to a vehicle or to vertical surfaces like windows or side panels. 


About BeeWorks: BeeWorks designs products in Seattle that leverage technology to help filmmakers realize their artistic vision. The company has manufactured gimbal control boards installed in hundreds of gimbals around the world. All BeeWorks products share a set of common traits:


  • Intense attention to design
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Ease of use
  • Software enabled “intelligence”
  • Portability