BW05 stabilizer on stand

BW05 Camera Stabilization


The BeeWorks 5 is a camera stabilization and control system that allows you to get dynamic and steady shots from new perspectives. It will create cinematic shots whether it is handheld, mounted to vehicles, or controlled remotely.


The BeeWorks 5 is lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-use, and excels at producing smooth handheld shots, even while navigating stairs or difficult terrain. It is not only a great handheld stabilizer, though…


With the BeeWorks Kinetic Remote system, the BeeWorks 5 can be controlled remotely while attached to its stand. The stand makes it possible to mount the camera in unique locations, like the hood of a car, on a table or window, or on a lighting stand. Imagine filming a meal from the center of the table while remotely framing the shot.


See demo footage