Gimbals and Circuit Boards

One of the important challenges of filming from a cable dolly, or any moving camera platform, is getting a steady and smooth shot, even if that platform has bumps or wiggles. For example, wind can cause cable vibrations or movement that impacts the stability of the shot from the cable dolly.

Gimbal Stabilization

We plan to address this challenge by attaching a gimbal stabilization system to the cable dolly to steady and aim the camera. Camera gimbals have been an area of rapid innovation over the past couple of years. Exciting new products and multiple Kickstarter campaigns have pushed the performance-to-cost ratio.

In researching many of the gimbals on the market and prototyping our own designs, Matt and I learned that the majority of gimbals are using the same circuit board "brain" to run the real-time calculations necessary to stabilize the camera. This board is the BaseCam Electronics SimpleBGC (Brushless Gimbal Controller), designed by Aleksey Moskalenko.

Unfortunately, the BaseCam SimpleBGC has been hard to obtain in the USA due to high demand and the challenges of shipping boards from China. In our experience, quality is sometimes questionable, and boards are broken in transit. These issues have caused many gimbal products to become back-ordered.

Introducing the BeeWorks B32 Gimbal Controller

To remedy this situation, BeeWorks has become an official partner of BaseCam Electronics, and we are manufacturing the latest version of the BaseCam SimpleBGC, a 32-bit board that incorporates an ARM Cortex™-M4 processor and all three axes on the same board. Our version uses premium quality components, is easy to order, meets the most rigorous environmental standards, and is manufactured right here in Seattle, WA at a facility that builds precision boards for the aerospace and defense industries.

We've begun production of the boards and will have them available in the coming weeks. Individuals and hobbyists can buy the boards through our website or Amazon. If you are a gimbal designer, please contact us at for information on bulk discounts. 

We are excited about making high-quality boards available in the USA. Not only will we be using the boards in our own products, but we hope to make a valuable contribution to the camera gimbal industry as well.