B32 Gimbal Controller Warranty

Every B32 Gimbal Controller and IMU board goes through a complete functionality test in an ESD-safe environment prior to packaging and shipping.

BeeWorks LLC guarantees our boards and cables against manufacturing or workmanship issues and shipping damage for 30-days. Products that do not meet our quality standards will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.


Please note that BeeWorks products that have been modified or installed into other products are not subject to this warranty. Repair services are available from BeeWorks but may be subject to service and / or shipping fees.


Recommended handling procedure:

1. When you receive your products, visually inspect for damage that may have occurred during shipping.


2. Always follow ESD-safe best practices when handling circuit boards. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can cause firmware corruptions or other damage. Here are some of the most important guidelines:


* Do not touch leads, pins, or traces while handling.

* Keep products in original containers until ready for use.

* Discharge static before handling devices by touching a grounded metallic surface such as a rack or cabinet. Better yet, use a wrist strap grounded through a one megohm resistor.

* Do not slide static-sensitive devices over any surface.


These industry-standard tips are from a time-honored article published by HP Bench Briefs.


3. Before making modifications to the board or installing it into another device, connect it to the SimpleBGC GUI software application and follow the directions in our B32 Gimbal Controller User Guide to verify the functionality of the board and calibrate the IMU sensors.


4. When you disconnect the board from the computer, click the "Disconnect" button in the software before unplugging the USB cable. Do not unplug the USB cable while the board is still connected. Failure to follow these steps in the proper order can corrupt the firmware.


-- If any of the steps reveal a flaw in BeeWorks products, please notify BeeWorks immediately for repair or replacement. Further steps may void the warranty --


After you have verified the functionality of your board and calibrated the sensors, you can modify the board and cables as needed for your application and install them in your device. These steps will confirm your approval of the board and will void any further warranty.